Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to ';provoke'; a guy?

long story short, i got my friend to finally talk to this guy ive liked for a while for me and he says he likes me but doesnt know if he wants to ask me out beecause we went out before and it didnt work out (even though he was my longets relationship to date) but i know he will but hes shy so i need to know how to get him to ask me out. like things to say how to act all that stuff. P.S. he knows i like him.How to ';provoke'; a guy?
There is nothing wrong for YOU to ask him out,I wish I could say this is the 90's go for it, but I can't because it's the 10's and it doesn't quite have the same impact, but you should go for it anyway. Trust your hearth.

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