Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you stop blaming your partner in a relationship?

its me and my boyfriends anniversary today for the first time we made love, we was meant to celebrate it. me and my boyfriend has broken up today. one of the issues mentioned in the break up conversation was blaming each other, he said that i make him feel like he is the blame for everything that happens and he feels like crap because of me.

in the past we've had some bad arguments, i always bring up issue's from the past, because it hurts and relates, sometimes i think he forgets about the wrong he does me. i know that holding onto the past is bad to do. my question to you is:


- HOW DO YOU LET GO OF THE PAST?How do you stop blaming your partner in a relationship?
Go to counseling...once you learn to love you I am sure you will realize that you are worth more than ';the wrong he does you';. In reality if you choose to stay with the person who wrongs you ...well you have to forgive ,.....and by forgiving means to never bring it up again. Either way you can forgive and move on or leave and have a peace of mind.
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