Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to meet more guys in college?

I am a college freshman and I would like some boy interaction. I have male friends from high school, but haven't made in while in college. I have met some guys, but they are not interested in being my friend or a relationship, just sex.How to meet more guys in college?
I would join some clubs, or go to study sessions and start conversations with guys. You could also try an interamural sport, or just go to a sporting event and talk to the guys around you.How to meet more guys in college?
get involved on campus in organizations or clubs that you're interested in. That way, you will be more likely to meet guys that have similar interests that you have. Also, talk to guys that in your classes, especially ones required for your major. If you start talking to guys in these environments, and start as friends, mostly likely they'll want you for you, and not just sex
if not doing so already, take a rec class or two--you meet all sorts of healthy upbeat people. Whatever activity you're doing makes for a natural way to meet up in private and get to know each other more.

Just don't try something like racquetball followed by swimming...you learn really fast your legs won't like it
join a nearby gym. i know whenever me and my friends see a new cute girl at the gym we all try and make a move. or if ur not looking for a relationship try getting a job on campus like at a book store or the library. u can meet a bunch of new ppl and u get paid.
don't give it up for a guy. There you go. If you give it up, people will find out and they'll call you for a booty call and that's it.
Most guys are only interested in those things, especially me. ;)

Answer mines please.

They are dumb. You should get a case of cold beer and a sign that says not looking for sex just friends and sit outside your place where other classmates can see you.
yeah i have the same problem just hte other way around u no??... i would say talk in classes and chill with hte dorm door open...also go to parties but dont go trashed so some pig doesnt take advantage of uu
Stop giving the sex away so freely, and start joining social clubs in school.
join a sorority...it changed my life in so many ways. I know they are sterotyped but trust me. Best decision you will EVER make!
show your ****, but dont let them touch
try going to a church nearby. let girlfriends know how you feel. they may know someone.
Start giving sex away more freely, infact let me bang you. It will help you out and you will find many male friends.

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