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How many months into a teenage relationship should you have sex?

I'm 15 and my boyfriends 16. We have tried to have sex a few times but always fear someone will come in, whenever we hear a slight noise we jump and pull up our clothes. We've been together for 9 months, our relationships alright, i see him everyday. Is it too early?How many months into a teenage relationship should you have sex?
If you feel ready, dont do something you feel you may regret but at the same time you should do what you makes you happy life is short. Be CAREFUL THOUGH!How many months into a teenage relationship should you have sex?
You should fight your fears and have a threesome in a public place.
Yes, you jump and pull up your clothes because you KNOW you shouldn't be doing that! What's wrong with you children? Your boyfriend could be jailed, yes jailed for engaging you (a minor) in sexual activity with him. Can't you wait? Geeze. Tell you what go on, do it and get pregnant cos you're not going to listen to this old man
I would just like to point out that it is illegal in the UK for a 16yr old to have sex with a 15yr old. People have been put on the sexual offenders register for exactly this. it could ruin his whole life and future career if he does have sex with you. Now to answer your question yes it is too early if you are jumpy about it.
shouldn't be at that age, especially if your relationship is just ';alright';. Save it for the right guy,, you will remember it your whole life so choose wisely lol
only you can tell if your ready or not.
In my opinion yeah its too early. I mean your only 15 which is still time to be young.You make think he is the one now but if something happens and you end up regretting it. It is best to wait until you're in your 20's or married and then that sex will be the most beautiful nd worth the wait! tell him you wanna wait and if doesn't understand that then obviously he wasn't really worth it in the first place!
if you cant be private then yes its too early
everyone's different, if you both feel ready then sure. If you want to go for it, obviously try a time when your parents aren't home, or his, if that doesn't work, try somewhere away from home, and preferably from public eye.

And of course ';Don't be silly, protect the willy'; XD
I honestly don't think its too early if you really like each other, and use protection of course. Maby you should wait a little longer or go somewhereyou kn ow no one is going to bother you. Like a seceret spot.

Hope this helps xox
go for it!!

9 months thats a lot

just have sex with him in a hotel room

or when ur home alone or when he is home alone
its illegal in my country since yr a minor

there is no wrong or write time to have sex (it is however illegal for him to have sex with you) it might be a good idea to wait till your 16. A good sign about being ready for sex is if you can talk about contraceptives with each other without being embarrassed, think about which ones are right for you to eliminate the chances of getting pregnant, if you can talk about these things and you feel the time is right then have sex. but no in till your both ready and able to talk about everything.

Be careful, talk to each other, and if you feel its right have fun and enjoy

Good luck

Morgan xx
15 is super young. Do you see yourself loving him? Or do you feel pressured? Ask yourself these questions.
The two of you are the only ones who can answer that question properly. The right time to have sex is when you both feel ready, and are comfortable with the idea. Ready also means contraception! There's an old joke ( I heard it as a teenager!) : What do you call a girl who depends on pulling out or rhythm for contraception? A mother.

You also need to find another place to try to make love. If you're so jumpy at home (I presume that's where you are), try finding a safe, but private place. Being relaxed about privacy will make the experience so much better.
I agree with Morgan - if u can talk to your boyfriend about sex and contraceptives then it may be a sign your ready for sex,

Im 20 yrs old %26amp; ive waited until to now have to sex for the 1st time, i know im ready cuz i can talk about sex not only in a jokey way but also seriously with my boyfriend, (that may be due to my age),

My best friend waited around 9mth and has never regreeted it...

Hope that helps
me and my gf were the same age as u 2 wen we first met 4yrs ago, we had sex the first nite she stayed around and have neva looked back. was easy 4 us tho as it was at my mums house and shes cool like that
hello, 9 months is a good time to wait, it's good that neither of you have felt pressured to have sex before this. i am a few years older than you but only recently lost my virginity and im glad i didn't do it when i was younger as when your hormones are more all over the place sex can be too emotional for you and make you feel regrets etc. it is strange what it makes you feel! You are not far off 16 so id say you must know its best to wait till its legal, and be the mature girl that you are. Once you are 16, if you're still with this guy, think about it then and never do it when youve got parents in the house you def wont be able to relax enough!
I think that you've been together long enough but I think you should wait until you are 16. It is best to be on the side of the law. I know how you feel though with the all jumping at a slight noise thing lol. It isn't nice at all!! But just wait until your 16. If you really can't wait, you have to be really careful. Good luck!
I had sex with my (deceased) boyfriend after two months when we were 14.

Nine months is like a milestone.


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