Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Relationship advice- how can i change the way i habdle things?

I'm rubbish at relationships and often can't see how I am acting or behaving until its too late. My boyfriend of 6weeks has lost his job, and I know how hard it is so I have tried to be there for him and let him know I am there for him, but it hasn't worked and now he is pushing me away and being really negative saying I make him want to run.

There are a few reasons for the build up to this, and things have not been so great for a few weeks now, but before then it was amazing as we had so much in common. I don't want to go through yet another failed relationship, yet again and want to understand why this is happening all the time. I always seem to be hurt and have to move on...Relationship advice- how can i change the way i habdle things?
You just need to give him some space, he needs to get things around his thoughts, and you know work out whats happening with him. He can't be stressed out more because you are changing to help him.

Just leave him for a bit, give him some room to think.

He'll come back to you when he has thought everything over.

Good luckRelationship advice- how can i change the way i habdle things?
You just haven't found the right guy yet. You said this guy is your boyfriend of 6 weeks, but that for a few weeks things haven't been right... That's probably nearly half the relationship.

Why would you want to be with someone when things are only good for half the time?

Don't look at them as failed relationships, look at them as luck escapes. People meet, try the water with each other and move on when they realise they're not compatible. It's not you at fault, your soul mate just hasn't found you yet.

Remember, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.....
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