Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How does FB affect your relationship?

Do you think FaceBook is a threat to your marriage/relationship? Why or why not?How does FB affect your relationship?
It has no affect - my husband and I don't use it. We like our privacy.How does FB affect your relationship?
Neither my husband nor I uses it.

I don't like the feeling of obligation it entails, or the way people use how many ';friends'; they have as a sort of social measuring stick...

I guess I'm a little more private and removed than some people, though.
No. I generally have FB up all day at work on my computer. My husband trusts me and has never once said anything about it. He has a page too and I don't care about his page. We both have friends of the opposite sex that we regularly talk to, but like I said, we trust each other. I'd never even consider having inappropriate conversations with someone and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't either.
Fb is not a threat to my marriage. Most of my contacts are family and friends. We use it to keep in touch, share photos of the kids, etc...even my dad is on it!

I did have an ex (from 17 years ago!) contact me and ask how I was. I answered him briefly and he's since gone away...I was glad to dodge that bullet! I wasn't sure why he contacted me and I was glad he didn't want to pursue anything other than catching up a bit. At the moment that I read his e-mail I totally understood how it could be an issue for couples...
Face Book sucks. Once you get so many people on there you can't say anything... friends, coworkers, family... Yuck.
I'm 100% sure FaceBook does not threaten my marriage, because neither my wife nor I even has an account, lol. I hate to be the one to break this to you, Newly_Wed, but there is no law requiring anyone anywhere to have a FB account. If you think it even *might* be a threat to your marriage, you could just delete your accounts, you know!
My fiance throws a hissy fit once he catches me on FB. Why? I don't know.
No. Why do you think so? In fact, lot of air is cleared by interactions with friends.
Facebook is a non-issue with my husband and I.

We were high school sweethearts years ago so most of our ';friends'; know us as a couple, and we're more mature than to let a social networking site get in between our relationship %26amp; marriage.
Not even a little bit. My husband and I barely use it. We have an account to keep in touch with family basically to see family pics and baby pics and more or less forget that we even have it and forget to log in for weeks.
It doesn't affect it at all. I have an account, but my husband doesn't. I rarely use it when he's home, because there's too much fun to be had with him while he's there! FB doesn't replace or interfere with us, only the rest of my social life. lol.
Not in the least. We both have one, we have friends, family and co workers on it. We use it to keep in touch with friends and family that are scattered across the country.

We both check it maybe once a week, and we have our sons password to make sure we know what is going on with his. (He is grade school age and you know how kids can not always make the best choices, so we moniter his pretty close)

The only way it is a ';threat'; to someone marriage is if that person is using it to try and cheat. It isn't facebook, it is the user then that is the problem. A website cannot cause problems, peoples behavior is what causes it.

For us, it is great, we are able to keep up with friends who have been relocated all over the world. (Husband is prior service, our friends move constantly) and it is nice for me to be able to keep up with my grandparents, cousins and so forth more easily since I don't like the phone much.
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