Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to have a relationship without sex? please help?

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years, and were pretty young. Weve done pretty much everything except for actual intercourse, and recently he gave me oral sex. I really enjoy it but i was almost scared at how intimate and emotional it was for me. I told him that im not ready for it and i think that we should stop and he respects my decision, but I still feel guilty, one because were not really allowed to have privacy anyway, and i want us to have more to look forward to for marriage. Were also christian and i know that god wants us to have the best relationship possible.. I feel selfish and like Ive ruined our relationship. How can we have a healthy relationship, and be intimate without sex?How to have a relationship without sex? please help?
Regardless of what people may think, just because you don't have sex doesn't men your relationship is unhealthy. If you want it to be healthy and enjoy it then stick to just being cute instead of hot. Do cute little things to show him how much you care. Make him smile, make him laugh. Don't worry about sex and just focus on being happy and in love. Good luck.How to have a relationship without sex? please help?
well oral sex is still sex key word in the name sex so ur not a virgin any more so all i can say is pray about it this i come from a guy who waited for marriage who's wife did the same its Worth the Waited it make the honey moon better. IM also a christian my wife is 19 and im 21 so we know where ur coming from we dated 2 years before we got married trust me pray about it look up Scripture and seek guidance from god
you're christian? look im not judging u but if u didnt wanna have sex then y the heck did u ppl have oral sex? im christian and i dnt think any kind of sex is suppose to happen until marriage u kno how do u expect the guy not to want more? to the point of making out its fine but more than that shouldnt be done. take things step by step dnt rush yourself. tlk to him about it and if u wanna save urself for marrige and be pure u gotta be 100% u cant be 50% pure its not possible.
I know exactly what your going through.. honestly probably the best thing you can do is pray to God that he would give you self-control so you can control that sexual desire that you both have (that we ALL have haha). Your gonna still face temptation but prayer will help you get through it. If you read the Bible/pray together as a couple it can definitely help reduce that temptation and urge.
little do girls know guys only NEED sex wen there with a boring ***** that only shops, and goes to the movies. Be adventurous, one of the guys, go camping, jogging, snow boarding and stimulate him mentally keep him entertained and show him affection back rubs, kisses, snuggle and he'll apreciate you much more
You can just keep doing what you are doing without the guilt part. If you aren't ready for something, then that's just how it is. If your boyfriend is respectful then he is probably a decent guy. Just keep doing whatever it is you do with each other that isn't sex. Worst case, go play laser tag.
Hey girl I'm a Christian too and I'm with you on your decisions! If something is uncomfortable for you, make sure to always let him know! And look at what the Bible says about it too. Don't do anything that you will regret later. The past is the past. But the future is still wide open.
omg if you want to have sex just do it nothing bad is guna happen

but if you dont want to just tell him u wana wait and if he gets mad hes scum anyways

idk wat u want me to tell you

life is very simple your just making it harder than it has to be
what is all this religious rubbish. just do what you are happy with. I don't think you can really go backwards the way you are suggesting, and now he has eaten you out you should at least suck his nob to return the favour.
That's disgusting. And so Christian. Why even tease with it if your so devout? If you truely care about this guy, and he truely cares about you, that should be enough for now.
why mention being christian when you already sucked his dic k? stop being a hippocrit and just blow him every day to keep him from wanting to bone you
your taught lies god doesnt say you cant have sex before marrige its just american rubbish

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