Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I keep this relationship going?

Ok, I have a boyfriend and he lives in Sweden, I live in England. We talk nearly everyday and I feel so in love with him. He is always saying I love you and stuff. I learn Swedish and he respects that I might not understand some things he says the first time. Is there any tips for long distance relationship like this? What can I do to keep it going strong, and is there anything I should avoid doing? Thanks, I could really appreciate some advice here =) I love him so muchHow can I keep this relationship going?
:) I'm in the same situation. (long distant relationship) We are really committed. Its just all about trust and communication. Really. Like 100%. Me and my boyfriend do a lot of video chats, and we tell each other everything. :) Last night we did this thing where I would tell him something about me that he doesn't know, then he would tell me something about him that I don't know. It was really cool :) I don't know how long you guys have been together, or if you have ever visited each other, but you should plan a trip, and save up for one, and talk about that a lot :) its fun :P ahah, yeah. I don't know. It just kinda... works. If you guys can work out arguments and disagreements or whatever soon, then that's good. Some people say that if you get extremely jealous then that means you love them (I don't know how much I believe that) but it's harder being farther away. If something is bothering you, let him know. And maybe talk to HIM about this. Like. Your question. If your worried about losing him or something, let him know. And then talk about maybe meeting up sometime. I don't know. That works for us :P Also, I'm not sure if some of this will work, cause I don't know your guy, but yeah, those are my suggestions xD sorry for such a long answer :PHow can I keep this relationship going?
Have you ever even met? How often do you get to see each other?

I don't know about you but I have a friend who had a gf in China. They each got web cams and talked to each other using that every day and he would visit for several weeks at a time. Even tho they are together now here in the states, I don't think the relationship is going so well because of the language barrier.
Long distance relationships are hard.

I can understand your feeling.

It was very very nice of your to learn swedish

Tips - Have blind faith.

Tell him to visit you once a month. Sweden and UK is not far.

You try to visit him if you can.

If you want to know anything else, you can ask me again.
just avoid any arguments and keep it strong by telling him how you feel all the time and making sure u have a strong friendship
Visit each other on special occasions could help. Believe that it will work. It's difficult, so good luck.
awww thats sweet, have yu got a webcam ??? maybe if yur serious try goin to c him in sweden or vise versa ....... srry im not much help ..... :LL x
sharpen your teeth and bite the dentist.

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