Monday, August 16, 2010

How likely do you think teen relationships will last?

How likely do you think it is for teenagers between the ages 16-18 to have a successful relationship that will last and may possibly even get married?How likely do you think teen relationships will last?
its rare. it usually depends on how committed both guy and girl are in the relationship (:How likely do you think teen relationships will last?
A couple months max if they go to fast. These relationships end up that the guy or girl or both get tired of each other. If they take it slow chances are it will last longer. I'd say about 5-15% get married.
very unlikely from what i have seen so far ...

its still confused love

but i could be wrong as my parents have been together since they were 15
less then 10 percent
60% I guess? Depends on the couple..
All depends, sounds clich茅 but it's true. Ive been with my boyfriend almost 2 years and he is 19 i'm 17 now! so we were obviously younger when we met.. we also have a baby on the way and are very close and have a great understanding of life... but that's just me i know plenty of people who have boyfriends/girlfriends that are teens and they don't last long at all.. it depends on the person and usually how into each other they are and their maturity i guess.
Not very likely. Maybe one in a 100. In fact there were three marriage out of my high school class of around 300. After 26 years my wife and I are the only ones still married.

We got together in 11th grade dated all through high school (except for a short period when I was stupid) lived together all through college, and finally got married just after I got my degree.

We are still going strong. We will be together right to the end of the line.

So, it is possible, but don't bet on it.
Well if two teens really like eachother... and they are both positive about the future... i don't see why it wouldn't last =)
1 in a million will last till marrage

thats why they call it puppy love
depends on the guy and how u guys relate to each other. some relationships like that usually last pretty long. sometimes those high-school sweethearts get married.
I don't ';think';, I know that 99.99% of teen relationships do not last.

And it's a good thing. Why would you want to choose your lifetime mate from the very small circle of people you know as a teen?

Wait to choose until you are out on your own and have broadened your horizons.

You don't even know what life has to offer yet.

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