Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to tell to my girlfriend that I'm getting bored?

so we're in a relationship for a year and 2 months

I got bored since we just meet for once or twice only, what should I do?

I know I still have SOMETHING for her, but I think I need more attention from her

how should I tell it to her?can you set some example of line/s?

note: it's not a break-upHow to tell to my girlfriend that I'm getting bored?
I would meet up with her more, its not boring if you are together...there isn't really away to become unbored i guess haha. good luck thoughHow to tell to my girlfriend that I'm getting bored?
what i would do is explain th that someone and if they have a problem u would have to end your relathionship
I dated my boyfriend for two and a half years and we loved each other but we didn't make things exciting and I didn't get enough attention from him. It just ended ... :(

Just tell her. Say ';I think we need to do something more interesting, to spice up our relationship, just do something exciting'; and then have some ideas! Also, to get her to give you more attention, you can say something like ';I love it when you call me handsome'; and stuff like that, then she knows what you like.
How are you in a relationship if you've only met twice?

Are you talking on the phone, emailing, chatting etc? The best way to not be bored is to keep trying and going on dates. Talking is important, but the physical stuff is important, too. If you saw her more, you might not even need to have this talk with her. But if you think its necessary say:

-So I'm really glad we've been together this long and I like you so much, but I'm worried you might be getting bored, and I don't want that to happen. I want us to stay together. (That lets her put in her input and shows you care)

-Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like we should change something. Talk more or go on group dates, you know just to mix it up a little.
Ask if she would like a week end visit some where nice? o

r try something different like MB go visiting a nature reserve or somewhere thats going to be exciting ,

sounds like youre stuck in a routine and a boring one at that!
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