Monday, August 16, 2010

How to tell a boy i dont like him?

well this one boy is really nice and has a great personality but he's ugly and i cant go with him becuz ppl will judge me but i kinda dont care but i feel it will be a bad relationship becuz he is on house arrest and he's a good fighter and he hits me sumtimes but then sumtimes i have the best time of my life with him and we was just together and he kissed me and held me tight and then i tried to leave to go to my house and he kept grabbing my arm and pullin me back and i mean it was hard and it hurt so i have to stop leading this boy on how do i say i dont like him? without him hurting me! plzzzz helpHow to tell a boy i dont like him?
You don't have to tell him you don't like him. You can tell him that you just aren't interested.

Also, you need to let an adult know about the situation because hitting, grabbing and holding you tight is not at all okay. Then, once you have someone who you trust to stand up for you, then you need to let him know that you will not accept any physical contact without your permission. If it happens after that, you need to talk to the adult.

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