Monday, August 16, 2010

How to start a relationship?

So, I'm a freshmen in highschool, and I just encountered the girl of my dreams, who sits in front of me in english. We aren't friends or anything, and I've never successfully started a relationship. Can I get a few steps on how I should do this?How to start a relationship?
Get her alone(not surrounded by a bunch of nosy girls who will probably say something negative because they're jealous), and ask for a date. Get her number, but don't do too much phone talk, save some convo for the date. Someplace where you two can talk and get to know each other, like the park, the mall, a pizzaria or a burger joint. Not the movies or skating rink. Save those for second dates.How to start a relationship?
try saying hi. really helps.

a relationship isn't like a club membership or a title. Its just what happens when your close to someone. it shouldn't ever matter as much as she does. don't think about being her boyfriend or future husband or soul-mate for now.

just get to know her, talk to her, laugh with each other, be yourself, talk about things you like, ask about her, talk about what movies she likes, what she does on weekends ect blah blah. let it elevate by itself.

goodluck bud
Don't talk to her first. Don't start with casual conversation and get her to like you gradually. That never works. Instead, just walk up to her and kiss her unexpectedly. With tongue. Girls love that kind of stuff.
say hey and ask if you can borrow a pencil.

then strike up a convo

in two weeks as her for her number

then text her ONCE and say ';hey its ___';

and after that its her turn to reply(:

dont be too needy!
Look at her and when she began to look at u

turn back act like u didnt see her

that's when girls go crazy they just want to get attention from the boys
tlk to her txt her in somehow slip it into a conversation tht u lik her.... and yo do u live in dundalk? with a freind bobby davis
start by a nice friendly ';hi'; then this should leave to a good conversation and if u do get into one then try to crack up some good jokes...girls love it when u make them laugh.
Well from a girl's perspective you have to be my friend first, so talk to her! Become friends! Then make a move!
first step - talk to her!! =) just like normal conversation.

after a few days to a few weeks you could probably ask her out :) and there you go!!
Talk to her and ask her on a date eventually and then ask her to be your girl.
Ask her if she likes Magic Cards, as a female I can tell you right now that Magic Cards are the keys to a girl's heart. Go get 'er tiger!!

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