Monday, August 16, 2010

How long will a guy wait in a relationship to have sex?

I'm a virgin and I've been with my boyfriend for five months. He's starting to get really ';eager';. I'm not ready though and I dont think I will be for a while. Maybe for another five months. Will he wait that long for me? Male opinions especially wanted.How long will a guy wait in a relationship to have sex?
I dont last more than 3 months. this guy is a trooper.How long will a guy wait in a relationship to have sex?
if he truely loves you and cares about you, he'll wait as long as he has to
He's such a Trooper -.-
depends how much he really likes you or if he just wants to use you if he truely likes you just for who you are and not the sex he will wait for a long time if he just wants to use you he will try to rush you into it
I think wait for marrige
ask yourself one question: If he breaks up with you BECAUSE you did not sleep with him, was he really the right guy anyways?
It really truly depends on the guy. But if he's not willing to respect your desicion and leaves you for it, then he's a douche and your better off without him, honestly.
Sorry to dissobey the 'male wanted' sign, but, 5 months is probably enough for him, but you need to lay down the rules. If he doesn't obey, hes not worth it.. (this is where female rights come in) =)
well if he loves u he would wait as long as u need him to wait but if he want to get in ur pants then no he wont wait anymore
I'm a girl, but I when I was in HS I had guys wait over 8 months for me. If they really love and care about you, they will wait until you are comfortable and ready. If they try to pressure you, they don't care about your feelings.
Don't give it up until you are absolutely sure. If he isn't willing to wait until you are ready he will be the douche bag that drops you as soon as you give it up.

No man should be eager to sleep with someone it should be a mutual talk that you to have, letting him know that you are no exactly ready and willing yet.

My first real relationship was about 4 months, but she was a ';street walker';.

My wife and I waited for over eight months and we have now been married for over three years...happily. We sat down and discussed everything. I made sure she knew that I wasn't going to force the issue and that she was going to be the one to tell me when she was ready. Then I made he wait another two months to tease her and have he really ready.

i dont wanna rush you or nothin but from a guy's point of view honestly

more than likely probably not. he might wait alittle while but he'll soon get

bored and go after another girl. this will probably repeat until he gets laid (if u

know what i mean). so when yur ready let him know and he'll respond. i kno u said you

wasnt ready but there u go a male's opinion
Depends on the nature of a guy. Some can wait till marriage and some can't wait.
I'd wait until I was married, but not a damn day later.
Depends on if he actually cares about you. Only do it when you're ready. Five months is not that long to wait. It's better to not, rather than regret it later.

Especially if you're a virgin--there are a whole bunch of things you should consider before you have sex. For instance, certain STD's, like herpes, can never affect a person, but can be transmitted.

I'd try discussing it with him, and see how he responds. There's no rush. Good luck =)
I won't risk a relationship and i will wait until i'm sure my girlfreind is comfortable with me. About your boyfreind, he honestly sounds like he's using you. Maybe you could ask him if he has ever had a relationship before and if it lasted more than 6 months :/
I'm a guy and I waited 4 years for the girl to be ready. We were both still virgins when we broke up. But the moral is that you don't sleep with someone just to keep them. They should think that you're worth the wait, however long that wait may be.

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