Monday, August 16, 2010

How to find a boyfriend?

Hey everyone, I need your help!

I am 20 years old, and I have been single for about 8 months now. Previously I was in a relationship with my ex for 3, almost 4 years. Before the relationship, he was my best friend.

Right now I am in college full time and I work full time. I am just curious, how do you meet men, and date? I have never been on what people would consider a ';regular date'; because I just started going out with my childhood best friend and so nothing really changed except we started holding hands/kissing ect.

Now I am at a loss of how to find a date, and when I go on dates (i've been on 2 since my ex and I broke up) I am completely akward and have no idea how to act or what to talk about.

HELP!How to find a boyfriend?

Make friends. Lots of girls have their eye on a guy but never talk to him. If you like the look of someone - chat with them, find out about them and most importantly, Be yourself! (but don't be creepy or too forward). The guy you were holding out for may not be what you thought he was.


Once you've gotten to know him more, casually ask him out as friends. Maybe you could go out with other friends, guys may feel pressured or uncomfortable if you ask them out on their own.


Don't wait for him to make a move. If he is interested then he will want to take the relationship further and become more than buddies. If he doesn't and you feel as if you have known him long enough to be close on that level, then make that move girl! If he says no rudely, you know that he was never interested in you anyways, so no harm no foul. If he is unsure, don't push. Keep your friendship, and when the opportunity arises next time, ask again. Practice with a mirror saying what you will say and how you will say it. Keep your diction clean and crisp, so he knows you're sure about this big step. Don't be bumbley! Just get it over with and you will be reaping the rewards, or learning from a valuable experience.


If you do start to date, don't be too eager, but don't be too cool - he may think that you don't want to go out with him.


Be bold, just go to him and ask him: ';Want to go out sometime?'; or something like that, and if they say no, you will have to be ready for that, because not every boy or guy will say yes to you.


Remember to be yourself through every step, if he falls in love with someone who isn't the real you then there will be heartbreak.

Appearance isn't everything, the hottest guy isn't necessarily the nicest guy.

Don't be pressured into a relationship. If you feel threatened or pushed to do things you don't want to, end your relationship, no one has the right to make you feel that way.

Make sure you smell good.

Relax, don't stress over it. Just have fun!



Never do something you'll regret later on.

Looking for a boyfriend just because you feel insecure (i.e. you want to look good with someone by your side, all of your friends have boyfriends, you just like being liked, etc.) is a recipe for broken hearts and wasted time. This could really hurt the guy who becomes your boyfriend.

When you're trying to attract a boy, don't change. He will think you're acting fake and this will deter him from liking you.

If he tried anything too dirty, get away unless you agree and want to do it too.

Don't get upset if a relationship doesn't work out! There are plenty of guys out there!How to find a boyfriend?
Go to a bar with some friends, see a movie, go to a club, just get yourself out there.

Let your friends know you're looking for a relationship, they might know a perfect match for you.

If you really want a relationship, consider online dating sites. I think this option should really be a last resort, though.

Good luck! ^^
How to find one?

You stop looking.

You stop wanting.

You stop even caring.

Basically, you just have fun. Just be yourself and don't be afraid to get involved. Try trivia nights. Try swing dancing. Basically, just relax and have fun! You have plenty of time to find someone.
One way to start dating is to join the single minstry at a church.

Another way to go to activies on campus where guys hangout.
E-mail me... just kidding... sort of... lol

Just try making friends with guys and see where it leads. No need to be pushy because if they like you and are mature then they'll push it forward.
Ok firstly you don't find one like that :P They aren't dogs you find at the compound.

Just try to be yourself, which i get sounds cliche but do. For me the idea of going out with a good friend would be more awkward than a date with a stranger. You were ina relationship that young for that long, meaning you obviously are quite mature. Just show a date that side of you. Get to know them, ask question, take a genuine interest and at the same time let them ask about you. Dating is often just finding out if you two will be compatible. Good luck!

But yes, you don't need a boyfriend right now. You're twenty as you say and why not enjoy being single for a while? seriously there are many benefits and you might find romance when you arn't looking and when it isn't in a planned situation of a date.

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