Monday, August 16, 2010

[Guys&Girls] How to stop liking someone?

Right now there's this guy who is extremely dateable material. I've known him for more than 2 years, but we're not best friends or anything. He's talented, smart, tall, has blue-green eyes, and is nice around kids. My parents are friends with his parents too. My parents even said that they wouldn't mind me dating a nice boy like him. He teases me a lot and I do too, but I don't want to date him because I don't want to ruin our friendship.

How should I stop thinking about him? I like him, but I really don't want to because it'll interfere with being ';normal'; around him. I just want to stay friends cause I'm scared of a relationship ruining our friendship.

Thanks guys~[Guys%26amp;Girls] How to stop liking someone?
well you can see other people[Guys%26amp;Girls] How to stop liking someone?
You can't have a good friendship if you have feelings for him because it will affect your reaction and responses to anything that happens between you two. Either you can tell him and take a chance on it or just keep going on and hurt yourself.
why would you ruin your friendship by dating him? maybe you should and itll be more then a friendship
Usually people stop liking someone if they cut off contact from each other and they think about the negative reasons why they aren't dating material.Or in your case,think of the positive reasons why you just want to stay friends cause you respect him more as a friend rather then something more.
you need a rebound (even though you were never in a relationship)

if you dont want an actual relationship just something to distract you just start dating someone really hot and you two have really strong physical attraction to each other
Stop investing so much energy in him. i'm not sure why you are so afraid of getting in any deeper, but if you want more than friendship, you have to take that risk. You are really the only one who can decide.

As far as getting him out of your head, get busy elsewhere. Do things with other friends and see him as little as possible, at least until he isn't so much of a temptation.

But i think you are making this too hard. If you are already really close, why not take the chance? There is no guarantee that your friendship won't end somehow anyway.
Right, so this is actually quite a common situation and it tends to go either one of three ways:

a) He likes you too. You start dating and stay together either indefinitely or until an external factor, eg uni, means you part amicably.

Or, slightly less attractively

b) You date, you break up, things are awkward. Your friendship is never really the same again. You might be able to keep on being friends, but even if you do, it will never be as comfortable as before.

Or, very unattractively

c) He doesn't feel the same way at all, things become weird around the two of you and you end up drifting apart to avoid the awkwardness. Leaving you a little bit broken hearted.

Now, I'm not saying any of these will necessarily apply, but in mine and my friends experiences, these have been common outcomes. I've just realised how scientifically some of what I've said sounds lol, but even if my odds are against you, personally, I, being the rather impulsive romantic that I am, would say go for it. Ok, you do have something to lose, but you'll kick yourself in the future and I know I'd go mental wondering what if? I wish you the best of luck and hope it all turns out for the best XxX

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