Monday, August 16, 2010

Theres so many girls in my life but i want to narrow it down to one how do i?

There's 4 of them and each have a different own story..

they have really affected me in a big way but i dont want to be playing them..

None of us are officially going out but i know that if i were to ask them to date me all of them would say yes..

i just need to know what things to consider in order to narrow it down

i really want to be in a relationship with all of them but i know thats not right so please help meTheres so many girls in my life but i want to narrow it down to one how do i?
Have them play russian roulette and choose the winner.Theres so many girls in my life but i want to narrow it down to one how do i?
4. I'm tryna get one, damn I hate you, and would love to be in your situation right now lol. However, if you are pursuing a serious relationship, try to imagine each girl, and if they had never came into your life, which one, could you not imagine not having in your life, the most? Try to imagine which one has positively impacted it the most.
I totally understand your problem; I had three guy friends all whom I liked and all whom would have dated me as well. And do you know what I did? I decided to stay single. I made out a list of all of their pros and cons and then tried picturing myself with each of them in ten years and ultimately I decided that none of them were ';the one'; and so I let it go with that. We're all still just friends. You could try the pros/cons thing but I think the whole picturing myself with them in ten years helped better.
Just have conVerstaions with them and see what you have in common. Usually deep down there is the one that u like above everyone else.
Everyone favors one person over another. Think which one you really see being with and being happy!
yea, russian roulette is fun....
yay free 2 points

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