Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paranoid.. how to fight it, so it doesn't ruin our relationship?

My bf and i had a big fight on saturday... and he said some nasty things and said how i love him more then he loves me... and so much more, but we are still together after nearly breaking up and to be honest im so paranoid that i don't make him happy.. that im just not good enough for him, that i cant give what he wants... and how he feels, i asked today about it and he said no i seriously Ilve you, i do, stop being paranoid, im just busy... i mean he is trying to make an effort i guess but maybe it is just me but i feel so weird about it all, i dont want ot lose him over this because i also care about him, how can i sort this out?:( I think the main reason why im getting so paranoid is because we are totally opposites, i mean i like what he likes... geeky things and stuff but i dont like going ot parties really, i dont like smoking, drinking.. i feel pretty boring... and thats maybe why im paranoid because he could find a girl thats into that... easily at the parties he goes toParanoid.. how to fight it, so it doesn't ruin our relationship?
You two crazy kids just need to remember what sparked that loveParanoid.. how to fight it, so it doesn't ruin our relationship?
Don't be paranoid about your relationship with your boyfriend, if he really loves you, then you'll know it, because he'll want to be with you every spare moment he has. Fights between couples happen all the time. Try and take it easy, to see what happens next. Remember, there are other fish in the sea!!
if you can't get over this issue then you need to break up, its just gonna get worse %26amp; worse.

my boyfriend told me last week i liked him alot more than he likes me after weeks of arguing because of some messages i found on his phone.

We are now over.

If you cannot stop doubting yourself %26amp; he's not making you feel good enough you need to end it.
Would you Chillax allready? He is with you isnt he? That means he wants to be with you, he wouldnt be If he didnt want to. Start focusing on qualities he loves about you and what makes your relationship strong. But I agree, you HAVE to trust each other.
Love is supposed to feel good. This sounds like unhealthy need, not love.

I think you need to back off a bit and try to sort out how you feel about him and what you want out of this relationship.
None of this would be an issue if you trusted him...

If you don't trust him, you don't really have a relationship.
the best way to repair a relationship is to have it threesome
OHH please and you can find a guy who is into YOU and what you like and who you don't have to be worried about leaving you because your not what he wants...

YOu have to learn to be you and whoever LIKES you is good whoever doesn't is not good b/c you can not make anybody more important than yourselves and you can't want to be liked by someone else if that means changing who you are or what you like....

YOur the important one you steer your life not anyone else... SO what if it is BORING?? what is boring anyways... I happen to think a lot of parties are boring.... a lot of DUMB drunk people what is fun about that??? and anyways smoking is bad I quit after like 7 years and I'm lucky to not smoke anymore that was the worse thing I could of ever done, feels GREAT not to, you have no idea how many people smoke and REALLY wish they didn't, so don't worry ... TRUST me from an EX smoker... I use to wish I didn't!!

Well for one he is probibly turned off by all the paranoia and insecurities, guys like girls that dont ask them every hour or so how their doing or if their alright..(girls don't like it either) cause you start to feel like you have a babysitter...

If you're really worried about what he does at these parties all you gotta do is make it so he doesn't think about anything but you all night. now most girls take that to mean ';oh so i gotta txt him all night long then he wont be able to stop thinking about me'; no thats wrong true he'll be thinking about you, but he will be thinking about how annoyed with you he is...What you need to do is you need to be a brain ninja, you need to plant a little seed in his head and just sit back and let it go.

heres what you do first you FLIRT with him most people stop flirting when they start dating and people miss flirting so make sure to be flirtatious. be sexy wear something sexy and get up in his personal space and start talk about all things you would want to do that night but make sure it's things you know he really likes something that most girls wouldn't know about. then tell him it's to bad he's going out that night when he starts to get a little whiney let him go tell him it's ok maybe when he gets home. This will work it's way into his mind to know about all the things the two of you are gonna do when he gets home he'll be in such a rush to get that party over he wont care about any peices of tail walking around it.

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