Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How's your relationship with your family?

Mine's pretty good, sure i may not talk to my mom often but she's the best :) Me and my lil bro get along fine overall too XD

BQ: What would you describe as a dysfunctional family? Do you know someone who has one?How's your relationship with your family?
pretty fantastic!!! %26gt;_%26lt;How's your relationship with your family?
Mineis pretty good, occasionally i do get into some fights, im a 16 year old boy :P, my parents expect me to hangout with them abiit to much, like iwas a kid again, so they get kinda grouchy when i go out, me and my brother fight once in awhile but we get along when it comes to sports etc hes 8 years older then me
lol...definitely not good =\

BQ: not sure, i guess just a family that doesn't fit the ';average'; mold and has alot of issues and problems with each other.
Mine is good. I love my parents, they love me. And my little brother isn't too bad either. XD

BQ: I have no idea actually. o.o
There isn't one anymore. My sister and me rarely talk anymore.

BQ: Yes, my family is/was completely fcuked up.
Me and my parents get along really well and me and my twin sister are really close
Yeah, i know someone who has a dysfunctional family. It makes appreciate my parents more.

I applaud them for staying together for many years. Then my mom passed away with cancer..
Ehhhhhhhh... My parents favourtise my sister, and me and my sister fight all the time. But It's alright

BQ: Yeah my friend has both her parents in jail from doing drugs so she has to do a week at each of her aunties/uncles houses. She doesn't really have a home. :(
Mines ok. They think im really strange. *whisper* ';She's so introverted and she has the strangest habits. Im pretty sure she's depressed, too. She's not ok';

but whatever. they like me, they arent abusive or anything. and they normally let me do what I feel like doing. well, my mom does. My stepdad just sits around and tells me to clean stuff lol.
It's okay, but it could be a hell of a lot better. My family is a dysfunctional family, parents always arguing, dads always cheating, and just whole bunch of other crap I don't feel like mentioning. It's fcuking crazy, that's all I can say.

BQ: I know plenty of dysfunctional families.
It's great. I get along great w/my parents (sometimes bonk heads with my dad).

My mom is like my best friend, my sister %26amp; I may argue, but we are very close %26amp; my little brother can be a pain in the butt, but he is so silly %26amp; I love him no matter what. :)

BQ: I think a dysfunctional family would include problems like alcoholic parents, parents who are abusive, parents do drugs, or parents who are never home %26amp; the child is always left home alone.
On a scale from 1-10 ours is probably a 7

My dad and I are really close, although I can't stand his wife, we talk a lot and he understands me in ways my mom would never be able to. My mom on the other side, is okay she can get quite paranoid and I think she's still a bit protective of me and can't grasp the fact that I'm a woman of my own with my own family so she bugs into my business everyday and starts petty arguments.

I have too much sibs to go into full detail. But one of my most favorite siblings is my fifteen year old sister who's just so amazing lol. I never told her and probably never will haha but she's my idol, I always wished I could turn back time and turn out exactly the way she is turning the daughter my parents had always wanted. She got accepted into the university of her dreams and leaving HS early, not many kids her age get that experince. My parents are too busy with the other kids on the other hand to realize how special she is. Besides that, I appericate all my sibs, although we fight and argue we like each other. =]

BQ: A dysfunctional family is one that has a sister who calls the cops on her brother because her brother came to her house where his ex-wife was living and brought her baby milk and she slapped him and he smacked her back and the sister called the cops and he got arrested and is put on prohbation for 2 years, while her mother picks more fun at him and tries to make the fight bigger then it already is because she doesn't like his soon to be wife. Smh their family is nuts with a capital N. %26lt;%26lt;%26lt;%26lt; Run sentences with 40's and's XD
my fam(ily) def(initely) falls under the disfuctional category. my pops is a drug dealer/user my mom is a crazy bible thumpin !3iach. my little bro is a pill junkie. im a reeferhead which i dont think is all that bad.and i have to younger sisters 2 and 10 who havent fell victem to society yet. and the most fuctioning member of my fam is my older brother who recently graduated from mmi with a degree in boat mechanics.

overall my family and i have a pretty good relationship but def a lil disfuctional
im close with my parents (there the best!)

but i fight with both my brothers A LOT

BQ: were strange but not disfunctional
Bad. I don't enjoy my family very much even though I should. They think I am the meanest person on the earth, but honestly, I am really nice but don't have the patience to be nice to them considering what they have done.

I honestly wish I had a better relationship with them, things would be a lot better. :)

BQ: A family who argues a lot, doesn't understand each other very well, doesn't enjoy spending time which each other. Things like that. And no, I don't know anyone with that kind of family.

my family is dysfunctional like omg.... severely.

i dont get along with them too much
I am not that close with anybody. But I'd say I am closest to my mom. Like I talk to my mom and dad, but not about anything personal. And I hardly ever talk to my brother, I don't like him.

BQ: One where nobody gets along and has problems. Ours was pretty dysfunctional for a while.
Me and my Mom are like bestfriends. (:

My Dad and I talk, but he was always travelling while I was growing up, so now it's kinda awkward.

I would describe a dysfunctional family as a family that is severely broken. Like the family I was watching earlier on tv, the Bollea (Hulk Hogan) family. The oldest girl was trying to commit to a singing career, both parents were cheating on each other and eventually divorced and her brother is in jail for accidently murdering his friend.

That's what I call dysfunctional.
Pretty good. I can tell them things, and I know I can trust them and feel comfortable telling them. We sometimes will be at the park or the mall, and we'll randomly start up a deep life conversation. One time my dad and I talked about being gay and abortion. Today I talked to my mom about driving drunk and swearing. I think now that I'm older, they're more open to telling me about their past since I'm learning about bad things more and more as I age. My brother is 20, and we're about 8 years apart but we're like bestfriends. He always tells me about his high school past, and warns me about parties and clubs. I feel like he's been through it all, so he'll always be there for me when I fcuk up. I know for a fact he would be the first person I'd go to when I make teenager mistakes. :D

BQ: Abusive parents, they drink and swear a lot around younger kids, the kids feel alone in the house, the parents are never home..etc. I know a family similar to that. It's really sad knowing I'm growing up in a good house and good family, while others don't have that.
mine is pretty good. im a daddy's girl so me and him are really close. i love my mom to death but im closer to my dad. its like he understands me a little better then she does. i love my little brother. sure he's a pain in my butt and loves to get me in trouble, but i love him.

im not sure what id say a dysfucntional family is. maybe parents who constantly fight with each other or something. i dont know, lol.
With my mom- Very close, she was only 16 when she had me, so we've always been close

Stepdad- close

Bio dad %26amp; Stepmom- awful. My half sister (dads daughter) I get along with alright, but I dont see her often at all. Stepsister (Stepmoms daughter)- terrible

BQ: My dad and stepmoms family, and yes. Half of my family would be disfunctional...

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