Monday, August 16, 2010

How to tell your ex you can't be there for her?


i have an ex that recently split up with her boyfriend. we ended on decent terms basically she told me she wasn't feeling it anymore while i was simultaeneously started crushing on my current gf so we both just moved on. three years later and i've been with my current girlfriend for a month and a half (yes i was secretly in love with my current gf for 3 years) we are donig absolutely great and we share a love i only dreamt of.

me and my ex have had a couple of partners since eachother and before now, we always helped each other through the break ups but this is the first time one of us has been in a relationship while the other one needs help. in the past we've spent loads of time together and given eachother special treatment and stuff when we were upset about a break up but obviously this time i'm not gonna do that cause it will make my girl uncomfortable. but how do i tell her i can't help her or is there a way i can help her without hurting my loves feelings? i'm clueless ps her friends aren't very supportive of herHow to tell your ex you can't be there for her?
Be there for her at an amount that you and your girlfriend feel comfortable with, as a friend does.. but don't do more than that, it's not fair on you or your girlfriend. She's got to learn to deal with things eventually and now's not a bad time to start, but at least she'll still have some support so she isn't completely stranded.

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